A Radiant Light

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Until then, please see below for information on DNA Activations and Reiki Training. Many blessing to you!

DNA Activation

NEW Genesis Codes in 2017!

I am honored to be of service as a vessel channeling DNA Genesis Activation Code Attunements.  These deep and profound energetic encodements are overlighted by AA Metatron, with guidance from the Higher Realms.

This process activates additional energetic pathways throughout all of the bodies:  physical, mental, emotional, etheric and spiritual and enables the recipient to hold higher frequencies of Light. -Linda

How your DNA Activation Works
Latent coding is activated and, thus, the attuned is able to more fully embody his or her own divine frequency, with an ease and grounding crucial to stability in these times of massive Earth Ascension shifts.

Sacred geometric symbols are basis for this core transformation. With this type of activation, you will take yourself and your physical and multi-dimensional bodies into a whole new level.Some of the benefits you may experience are:

  • An intensified feeling of empowerment
  • Greater clarity of mind
  • Clearing of discordant karmic patterns
  • A stronger connection with your Higher Self

Attunements of this nature are done long distance.  The effect is palpable regardless of location, as Spirit knows no time or distance.

Tune into my interview with Lea Hill for a personal account of how Spirit initiated me as a channel for this truly sacred work as service to others.

Please contact me for additional information on this amazing attunement.

Reiki Training


​Reiki Training, through attunements, integrates Light into the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies of the devotee. The Initiate also benefits from knowing that Reiki:

  • Will help access levels of knowingness, intimacy and comfort;
  • Will help to facilitate special and unique abilities and feelings that you either have forgotten, or perhaps, repressed.

Reiki strengthens all interconnectedness with ourselves, others and universal mind.

With the science and art of Reiki, we open ourselves even more to the Divine flow of Universal Energy.

As a Karuna and Usui Reiki Master, I devote my time, spiritual insights and training to assist others in their Highest Good. My workshops not only offer all of the essentials of Reiki, but also incorporate basic knowledge in the use of essential oils, crystals, and personalized spiritual guidance as requested by the devotee.  I believe such assistance is fundamental to the Reiki healer’s path on an individual level and also as a Light worker in these crucial times of our planet’s ascension.

I also assist other Masters who have decided to conduct their own training for others.  Many Masters were attuned so long ago that they either do not have their original materials or forgot many of the details involved in producing a memorable experience in passing on this sacred tradition. I am delighted to share, so that others may enjoy life with an awakened perspective. Embracing the role of Lightworker through Reiki opens doors of possibilities previously only dreamed of. And that is the key — the dreaming and conscious manifesting what we want in our lives, joyfully, the emergence of our Divine Self as the shining Light that we are!


Reiki I introduces the Usui Tradition of energy healing and all of its modalities. At this level you learn how to do healing on yourself and others, thus practicing as much as you can afterward to provide personal experience integrating Light energy.In my workshops, I also provide additional spiritual support in the form of basic instruction on meditation, spiritual journaling and dream recordings, & suggested readings and audios to lay a basic foundation for spiritual expansion.At this level an introduction to the chakras, use of basic essential oils, as well as a step by step process for helping the devotee connect to his or her spirit guide is also incorporated into the teaching. Spiritual / psychic protection is explained and practiced.


Ancient Usui symbols and their unique purpose in multidimensional energy work are given to the initiate at this stage.  An introduction to the use of crystals and essential oils and continued in-depth study of various aspects of Spiritual living are also explored.


​At this level, the initiate is ready to deepen his commitment to his or her spiritual path.  This training takes place over a longer period of time, as the intention for living A Reiki Life is declared and fully integrated into a daily habit.  All facets of one’s life are examined and spiritual values explored and clarified. The Master Symbol is given to the Reiki practitioner and guidance for obtaining a Master Crystal is also provided.


BECOMING A REIKI TEACHER (Mastery / Teacher Level Workshop)
An extension to the above Mastery Level III training, this workshop is designed for the Reiki Master who desires conducting his or her own training and ceremonies, and passing on A Reiki Life  tradition.  Creating sacred space, emphasis on conducting rituals / ceremonies and other personalized touches are included.


​Reiki workshops are offered quarterly. Class size is limited to between 4-6 individuals for a personal experience.  First, you will be interviewed and given a questionnaire for acceptance into the program.   This protocol ensures that energy training is a right fit for you. Contact me to receive your questionnaire. Then, a down payment is requested, followed by your receiving a ​comprehensive Reiki manual. All material is covered through weekly teleconference calls, which are recorded for your convenience.  Class meets for a hands-on practice session, and then again for the sacred ceremony where you are attuned and awarded certification for completion of the course. If you prefer a full weekend immersion training, discuss this option with me by contacting me.



​​Level I                       $350
​Level II                      $400
​Level III Mastery         $600 -or- Level III Master/Teacher $700.

​*Level I & II Combination Class* $600 (Savings of $150!)​

​Payment by cash, check, credit card or through PayPal.  ​If needed, an easy-pay installment plan may be set up.  Just ask.